The cuddly toy- the doudou

A comfort blanket/fabric is an object of attachment that the child chooses. We call it the doudou.
It can be in different forms. It allows the child to support the absence of its parents by soothing it because like the child, the doudou makes the transition between the home and the daycare. It reminds the child of the family world because it is imbued with its smell, which is why it should not be washed too often.
It is an object of reinsurance, so it is convenient to have it duplicated in case your child loses it but for this, it is necessary that your child has invested the two cuddly toys in the same way so that he can easily pass from one to the other.
That’s why it’s very important to keep the cuddly toy accessible at all times. Children will be able to pick them up as soon as they feel the need. The adult does not move the cuddly toy but may suggest that the child put it down from time to time. They remain masters of their choices and the adult must respect them.