The Team

The team that welcomes your children is a team of professionals from different backgrounds.
Early-child educators
Childcare assistants
Animation agents
Multi-purpose agents

The management is provided by the company director, as well as by a young children’s educator assisted by an
To ensure a quality welcome, we organize working meetings (monthly meeting with the coaching team in the
evening after the closing of the educational daycare. A weekly meeting per section to reflect on our educational
practices, as well as the functioning and organization of the life at the educational daycare.)

A doctor provides regular medical visits and monitors health protocols in collaboration with the educational daycare
and the nurse.

The Paediatrician
The paediatrician does the medical admission record visits for children.
He addresses your concerns but does not replace your GP.
He provides support and advice to team members.

Music and psychomotricity workshops
These workshops are led by the educators in order to awaken the senses and psychomotor development from the